Admiral Radio Models 4E21 4E22 4F24 4F26 4F28 4H22 4H24 4H26 4H28 Sams Photofact
admiral_4e2_4h2_photofact Admiral Models 4E21, 4E22, 4F24, 4F26, 4F28, (CH. 4E2) 4H22, 4H24, 4H26, 4H28 (CH. 4H2)
MANUFACTURER Admiral Corp. , 3800 W. Cortland St. , ChIcago 47, Ill.
TUBES 1R5 Conv., 1U4 IF Amp., 1U5 Det.-AVC-AF Amp., 3V4 Output.
POWER SUPPLY 110-120 volts AC-DC or 7.5 Volts "A" Supply & 90 Volts "B" Supply
.16 Amp. @ 117 AC or 55MA @ 7.5 DC 7amp; 7MA @ 90 VDC
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