Admiral Radio Models 5L21 5L22 5L23 Chassis 5L2 Sams Photofact Service Wiring Diagram
admiral_5l21_5l22_5l23_chassis_5l2_photofact TRADE NAME AdmIral Models 5L21, 5L22, 5L23 (Ch. 5L2)
MANUFACTURER Admiral Corp., 3800 W. Cortland St., Chicago, Ill.
TYPE SET AC Operated Superheterodyne Radio Receiver with Eleclric Clock
TU8ES (FIVE) Types 12BE6 Conv., 12BA6 IF Amp., 12AV6 Det.-A VC-AF Amp., 50C5 Audio Output, 35W4 Rect..
POWER SUPPLY 110-120 Volts AC-60 Cycle RATING .25 Amp. @ 117 Volts AC TUNING RANGE-BROADCAST 540-1620KC
Sams Photofact Set 160 Folder 1 Models 5L21 5L22 5L23 CH. 5L2
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