5B42, 5B43, 5B48, 5W32, 5W33, 5W34, 5W38, 5W39 Admiral Radio Service Wiring Diagram
admiral_5w3_photofact Photofact 341-2 Admiral Models 5B42 5B43 5B48 5W32 5W33 5W34 5W38 5W39 CH. 5W3
TRADE NAME Admiral Model 5B42, 5B43, 5B48, 5W32, 5W33, 5W34, 5W38, 5W39 (Ch.5W3)
TYPE SET AC Operated AM Radio Receiver With Electric Clock
TUBES (Five) Types 12BE6 Converter, 12BA6 IF AmplIfier, 12AV6 Det-AVC-AF Amp., 50C5 Output, 35W4 RectIfier
POWER SUPPLY 110-120 Volts AC -60 Cycles
RATING, .24 Amp. @ 117 Volts AC
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