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amcrest_model_126_ photofact_schematic TRADE NAME AMC, Model 126 * SUPPLIER Associated Merchandising Corp., 1440 Broadway, New York 18, N.Y. * TYPE SET AC-DC Operated Superheterodyne Radio Receiver with Self Contained Loop Antenna * TUBES (SIX) Types, 6SS7 RF Amp., 12SA7 Converter, 6SS7 IF Amp., 12SQ7 Det.-AVC-AF, 50L6GT Power Output, 35Z5GT Rectifier. * POWER SUPPLY 105-125 Volts AC-DC * TUNING RANGE-BROADCAST 540-1650KC * RATING .260 Amp. @ 117 Volts AC
Sams Photofact Set 16 Folder 1 AMCREST Model 126 Mfr., Associated Merchandising Corp. # 4
amc_model_a502_ch._9.68101_photofact_schematic TRADE NAME AMC Model A502 (12N27-09, 12N28-09) (Code 9.68101) * SUPPLIER Aimcee Wholesale Corp., 1440 Broadway, New York 18, New York * TYPE SET AC-DC Operated 5 Tube AM Radio ReceIver * POWER SUPPLY 105-125 Volts AC-DC * RATNG 20 Watts, .21 Amp. @117 Volts AC * TUNING RANGE -BROADCAST 535-1620KC
Sams Photofact Set 642 Folder 5 AMC Model A502 Ch. 9.68101 Aimcee Wholesale Corp. # 4
amc_model_e592_42n4309_42n4809_photofact_schematic TRADE NAME AMC Models E592 (42N43-09, 42N48-09) * SUPPLIER Aimcee Wholesale Corp., 1440 Broadway, New York 18, N. Y. * TYPE SET AC-DC Operated 7 Tube AM-FM Radio Receiver * POWER SUPPLY 110- 120 Volts AC-DC * RATING 30 Watts, .3 Amp. @ 117 Volts AC * TUNING RANGE -BROADCAST 540 -1620KC FREQ. MOD. 88 -108MC
Sams Photofact Set 643 Folder 5 AMC Model E592 42N43-09 42N48-09 # 5
amc_model_tf125_photofact_schematic Picture from Photofact TSM-64, used with permission by Sams Technical Publishing, LLC.
Pgs. 21-28 12 Transistor AM-FM Radio Receiver
TUNING RANGE: BROADCAST 540 -1620KC FM 88 -108MC # 8
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