Bagpiper Radio Model SKR101 Sams Photofact Schematic Diagram
Bagpiper Model SKR101 Radio Schematic Diagram TRADE NAME Bagpiper Model SKR101
MANUFACTURER Radio Div , Lawrence Co., LTD.,
2330 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati 6, Ohio
TYPE SET Battery Operated Portable AM Superheterodyne Radio Receiver
TUBES 1R5 Conv., 1U4 lF, 1U5 Det-AVC-AF, 3V4 Output
POWER SUPPLY 1.5 Volts "A" Supply & 90 Volts "B" Supply
RATING 235MA @ 1. 5Volts DC & 11. 5MA @ 90Volts DC
Sams Photofact Set 335 Folder 2 Bagpiper Radio Model SKR101 # 4
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