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Old Bell Howell Models Tape Recorders Sams Photofacts


bell_howell_tape_recorders_models_300b_300m_300s_sams_photofact_schematic The Bell & Howell Models 300B, 300S, and 300M are mechanically and electrically identical. The major difference is in the cabinet used. Model 300B has a blonde cabinet, Model 300S has a ruggedized wood case, and Model 300M has a mahogany cabinet. The Bell & Howell Models features Stop, Forward, Rewind, Play, and Record modes of operation merely by pressing a button. A Speaker push-button is also provided for monitoring programs or for using the recorder as a P. A. System. This recorder is of the dual-track type, giving two full length recordings on a single reel of recording tape. Any reel size up to 7" can be used. Two neon recording indicators simplify the recording level setting. New recordings can be made on previously recorded tape since the erase head is automatically connected when the "Record" button is pressed or the same recording may be played back indefinitely. Recordings can be made from a radio, television receiver, or phonograph in addition to those made directly from the microphone. Recordings can be played back through the self-contained speakers or an external speaker may be connected through use of the Speaker Jack. Bell & Howell is designed to operate on 115 volts, 60 cycle, AC supply only. CAUTION: Severe Damage Will Result If Connection Is Made To A Direct Current (DC) Line. Manufactured by: Three Dimension Co. 3512 N. Kostner Ave. Chicago 41, Illinois
Sams Photofact Set 335 Folder 2 Bell & Howell 300B, 300M, 300S Schematic [ 10 Pages ]
bell_howell_models_770_775g1_775g10_sams_photofact_schematic This manual covers the maintenance and repair of Models 770, 775G-1 and 775G-10 re corders. All three recorders have essentially the same transport mechanism, amplifier and speakers. The Models 775G-1 and 775G-1O are mounted in combination metal and reinforced plastic cases, and have such features as dual recording level lamps, pause control, odometer type program indicator and speaker monitor switch. The Model 770 recorder is mounted in a leatherette covered wooden case and is equipped with a single recording level lamp. The pause control, program indicator and speaker monitor switch are omitted. The Model 775G-1 recorder is equipped with a combination erase-play-record head, that will be referred to as aShure Brothers Head. The Model 770 and 775G-10 (Serial Number above 2702) recorders are equipped with separate erase heads and play-record heads that will be re ferred to as Bell & Howell heads. These are mounted in a tape guide block and can be individually removed or adjusted. Circuit and component changes, resulting from the change in heads, are set forth in the schematic diagram and parts list.
These recorders are designed to operate 60 cycle, 115 Volts, AC supply only.
Before connecting to your line supply, be absolutely certain that it agrees with the above specifications.
Manufactured by Bell & Howell Co. 7125 N. Kimball Ave Chicago 45, Illinois
Sams Photofact Set 403 Folder 6 Bell Howell 770 775G-1 775G1 775G-10 775G10 (TR-4) [ 23 Pages ]