Digital & Mailed Brush Tape Recorder Service Schematics Sams Photofacts
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Brush Tape Recorder Service Schematics Sams Photofact Folders

  1. Sams Photofact Set 164 Folder 3 Brush Model BK-442, BK-443P, BK-437, BK-437S, BK-439, BK-441, BK-442 Tape Recorder Schematic
    (BK442 BK443P BK437 BK437S BK439 BK441 BK442) [ 14 Pages ]
  2. Sams Photofact Set 245 Folder 2 Brush Model BK-455P BK455P Tape Recorder Schematic Wiring Diagram [ 12 Pages ]
  3. Sams Photofact Set 78 Folder 3 Model BK403 Pages 16
  4. Sams Photofact Set 81 Folder 4 Brush Model Soundmirror BK416 Tape Recorder [ 12 Pages ]