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13-13_continental_skyweight_82 TRADE NAME Contlnental Electronlcs, Model Sky Weight 82
Mfr., Continental Electronics, Ltd., 81 Pine St., New York, N.Y.
TYPE SET AC Operated Portable Radio- Phono Combination., Contained Loop Antenna
TUBES (FIVE) Types, 12BE6 Converter, 12BA6 IF Amp., 12AT6 Det.-AVC-AF, Power Output 50B5, Rectifier 35W4.
RATING .260 Amp. @ 117 Volts AC
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20-30_continental_photofact_skyweight_81bSky-Weight, Model 8IB
MFR., Continental Electronics Ltd., 252 Norman Ave., Brooklyn 22, N.Y.
AC Operated Phonograph with 3 Tube Amplifier & Speaker
Tube Types, 12AT6 AF Amp., 5085 Power Output, 35W4 Rectifier
110-120 Volts AC RATING .220 Amp @ 117 Volts AC
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343-3_continental_spiegel_photofact_schematic TRADE NAME Continental Model C-45 C45
SUPPLIER Spiegel Inc., 1061 W. 35th St., Chicago 9, Ill.
TYPE SET AC Operated AM Receiver WIth Electric Clock
TUBES (Four) Types 12AU6 Converter, 12AV6 Det-AF Amp. .50C5 Output, 35W4 RectIfier
POWER SUPPLY 105-120 Volts AC 60 Cycles RATING .25 Amp. @ 117 Volts AC
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341-5_continental_spiegel_photofact_schematic TRADE NAME Continental Model 738.44 Supplier Spiegel Inc., 1061 W. 35th. St. , Chicago 9, Ill. TYPE SET AC-DC Operated AM Receiver TUBES (Four) Types 12AU6 Converter, 12AV6 Det.-AF Amp., 50C5 Output, 35W4 Rectifier. POWER SUPPLY 110-125 Volts AC-DC RATING .25 Amp. @ 117 Volts AC TUNING RANGE-BROADCAST 535KC-1630KC
Sams Photofact Set 345 Folder 3 | # 4
335-4_continental_bendix_6bc_photofact_schematic TRADE NAME ContInental Model 6BC (4047434) (For 1956 Continental Automobles)
MFR., Bendix Radio, Div. of Bendix Aviation Corp., Baltimore 4, Md.
TYPE SET Battery Operated Custom Built AM Superheterodyne Automobile Receiver
TUBES (NIne) Types 12BA6 RF Amplifter, 12BE6 Converter, l2AU6 IF Amplifter, 12AX7 Det.-AF Amplifier, 12AU7
Phase Inv. -Relay Control, (2) 12AQ5 Output, 12AV6 AVC-Trigger Amp., 12X4 Rectifier.
POWER SUPPLY 12 Volt Storage Battery
RATING 4 Amp. @ 12.6 Volts DC
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611-3_continental_tr-682_photofact_schematic TRADE NAME Continental Model TR-662 TR662 supplier Continental Merchandise Co., Transistor Products Div., 236 Fifth Ave., New York 1, N. Y.
TYPE SET Battery Operated 6 Transistor Portable AM Receiver.
POWER SUPPLY 9 Volts DC RATING 5MA @ 9 Volts DC (No Signal, Mln. Volume)
11MA @ 9 Volts DC (Signal, Normal Volume)
Sams Photofact Set 611 Folder 9 | # 4

613-8_continental_fm-771_photofact_schematic TRADE NAME Continental Model FM-771 FM771 IMPORTER Continental Merchandise Co., Inc., Transistor Products Dlv., 236 FIfth Ave., New York 1, N. Y.
TYPE SET AC-DC Operated 7 Tube AM-FM Receiver POWER SUPPLY 110-120- Volts AC-DC RATING 30 Watts, .23 Amp. @117 Volts AC TUNING RANGE-BROADCAST 535-1605KC FREQ. MOD. 88 -108MC Sams Photofact Set 613 Folder 8 | # 6
648-9_continental_fm-772_photofact_schematic TRADE NAME Continental Model FM-772 FM772 Supplier Continental Merchandise Co., Inc., Transistor Products Dlv., 236 Fifth Avenue, New York 1, N.Y. TYPE SET AC -DC Operated 6 Tuhe AM-FM ReceIver POWER SUPPLY 110-120 Volts AC-DC RATING 33 Watts, .38 Amp. @ 117 Volts AC TUNING RANGE-BROADCAST 540-1625KC FREQ. MOD. 88-108MC Photofact Set 648 Folder 9 | # 6
314-3_continental_model_220_photofact_schematic The Continental Model 220 is designed for twin-track two speed operation. The operating speeds are either 7 1/2 or 3 3/4 inches per second. The Continental is designed to record and play back two tracks of material on standard width recording tape, which doubles the playing time with no loss of frequency response or quality. Recordings can be made from a radio, television receiver or phonograph, in addition to those made directly from the microphone. Recordings can be played back through the self contained speaker, external speaker or through a high fidelity amplifier system. This Continental is equipped with a dual speed capstan. When the capstan sleeve is in position over the capstan, the tape speed is 7. 5 inches per second and with the sleeve removed, a tape speed of 3.75 inches per second will be obtained, Connect this recorder only to an outlet supplying 117 volts, 60-cycle, AC supply. Manufactured by: Tape Recorders, Inc. 1501 West Congress Street Chicago, Illinois Photofact Set 314 Folder 3
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