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Used in Usable Condition. Contains Photographs, V-R Charts, Parts List, Dial Cord Drawing, Schematic Diagram
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delmonico_fms-413u-photofactTRADE NAME Delmonlco Model FMS-413U supplier Delmonlco InternatIonal, Div. of Thompson-Starrett Co. , Inc. , 120-20 Roosevelt Ave. , Corona 68, New York TYPE SET AC Operated 13 Tube AM-FM Receiver WIth FM Stereo MultIplex And Stereo AmplIfIer POWER SUPPLY 110-120 Volts AC, 60 Cycles RATING 55 Watts, .55 Amp. @ 117 Volts AC TUNING RANGE -BROADCAST 535-1620KC FREQ. MOD. 88-108MC # 7
delmonico_1033u_photofactTRADE NAME Delmonlco Mode11033U Supplier Delmonlco lniernational, Dlv. of Thompson-Starrett Co. I Inc. ,120-20 Roosevelt Ave. , Corona 68, N. Y.
TYPE SET AC Operated 11 Tube AM FM Receiver with Stereo Amplifier and 4 Speed Automatic Record Changer
POWER SUPPLY 110 -120 Volts AC, 60 Cycles RATING 51 Watts, .53 Amp. @117 Volts AC TUNING RANGE 535 -1620KC FREQ. MOD. 88 -108MC # 6