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elac_miracord_xa-100_photofact Elac Model XA-l00 Record Changer Sams Photofact Set 298-2 11 Pages
GENERAL INFORMATION The Elac Model XA-l00 Record Changer is designed to play in automatic sequence a stack of records and shut off after playing of the last record. As many as eight 12", ten 10", or any assortment of 10" and 12" records (providing they are of the same speed and same type of groove) may be intermixed in any order. The stack of records should not exceed 7/8" in height, the limit being indicated by three white marks at the top end of the spindle. A stack of ten 7", 45 R. P. M. records (with the use of a "45" adaptor spindle which is available as an accessory) will also play and be automatically changed on this machine. After the last record of a stack has been played the pick-up arm is returned to the rest post and automatically shuts off the changer . This record changer must not be connected to any other than A. C. supply. It is adapted for 110 or 220 volt A. C. supply and is adjusted to be operated on 110 volts when leaving the factory. Distributed in United States by: Audiogersh Corp. 23 Park Place New York 7, New York
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