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Service Data Production and Copyright by Howard W. Sams Company Indianapolis Indiana
Used in Usable Condition. Contains Photographs, V-R Charts, Parts List, Dial Cord Drawing, Schematic Diagram

Mfg., Eric Electronics Corp.
  1. Sams Photofact Set 610 Service Folder 6 Eric Model 3357AF Schematic Wiring Diagram # 6
  2. Sams Photofact Set 612 Service Folder 6 Eric Model 5760G Wiring Diagram # 10
  3. Sams Photofact Set 614 Service Folder 8 Eric Model 3560T Wiring Diagram # 8
  4. Sams Photofact Set 617 Service Folder 6 Eric Model FM-100 FM100 Schematic Wiring Diagram # 7