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  1. Photofact Set 7-15 Farnsworth EC-260 EK-262 EK-263WL EK-264BL EK-264WL EK-265 # 4
  2. Photofact Set 24-18 Farnsworth Radio Phono GK-140 GK-141 GK-142 GK-143 GK-144 # 10
  3. Photofact Set 23-8 Farnsworth AC AM FM Radio Phono Model GK-100 GK-102 GK-103 GK-104 # 10
  4. Photofact Set 75-8 Farnsworth Changer Models P-72 P-73 # 8
  5. Photofact Set 35-5 Farnsworth Radio Models GT-050 GT-051 GT-052 # 4
  6. Photofact Set 35-6 Farnsworth Radio Models GT-060 GT-061 GT-064 GT-065 # 4
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