Ferrograph Tape Recorders Sams Photofact Service Wiring Diagram
Ferrograph Models 3A 3N

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Ferrograph Models 3A 3N
Ferrograph Tape Recorder Models 3A 3N
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Model 3A/ N Ferrograph tape recorders record and play back two tracks of material on standard-width recording tape. Any size reel up to 7" can be used. A meter on the unit provides correct recording volume setting. Since the erase head is automatically positioned when unit is in Record position, new re cordings can be made on previously recorded tape. Recordings can be made from a radio, television receiver, or phonograph, in addition to those made directly from a microphone. 
This tape recorder records and plays back at two speeds, 7 1/2 and 3 3/4 ips. 
The Model SA/ N operates on 110-127 volts, 60 cycles AC only. 
Distributed in U. S. A. by  Ercona Corporation  
16 West 46th Street New York 36, New York