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Importer British Industries Corp.
MFR. H.J. Leak and Co., Ltd., London England
  1. Photofact Set 166 Folder 12 Leak Model RC/PA/U TL/12 8 Pages
  2. Photofact Set 436 Folder 9 Leak Model TL/50 Plus 4 Pages
  3. Photofact Set 430 Folder 8 Leak Model TL/25 Plus 4 Pages
  4. Photofact Set 425 Folder 9 Leak Model Varislope II 4 Pages
  5. Photofact Set 428 Folder 11 Leak Model "Point-one Plus" 4 Pages
  6. Photofact Set 429 Folder 8 Leak Model TL/12 Plus 4 Pages