Norelco Models EL3516 & B5X04A/00 (B504) Sams Photofact Wiring Diagrams

NORELCO Model EL3516 Photofact Schematic Service
norelco_el3516 Norelco Continental Model EL3516 tape recorders record and play back two tracks of recorded
material on standard-width recording tape, thus doubling recording and playing time without
loss of quality or frequency response. Recordings can be made from a phonograph, radio , or
television receiver , in addition to those made directly from a microphone .
The Continental Model EL3516 has three speeds, 1 7/8, 3 3/4, and 7 /12 ips.
Connect this recorder to a 110-volt, 60-cycle AC supply only.
Manufactured by: North American Philips Company
High Fidelity Products Division 230 Duffy Avenue Hicksville, Long Island, New York
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norelco_b5x04a_00_b504 TRADE NAME Norelco Model B5X04A/00 (B504)
MANUFACTURER North American Phillips Co., Inc.
TYPE SET AC Operated 10 Tube BC-FM-SW-LW Radio Receiver
POWER SUPPLY 110-120 VAC 60 Cycles
TUNING RANGE BC (515-1620KC, FM (88-108MC), SW (5.9-16.2MC), LW (150-260KC)
RATING 75 Watts
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