Oak Changer Models 9201, 6666 Sams Photofact Service Information

oak_9201_45_changer The Oak Model 9201, 45 RPM Changer is designed to play and change automatically the new 6-718" , fine-groove phonograph records. It will handle up to twelve records, in sequence, at a loading. This changer is of the new "Spindle-Loading," "Rapid-Changing" type. The changer incorporates two safety springs, which are connected to the pivot pin of the tone arm and the tone arm mounting bracket to pre- vent damage to the tone arm or any of its connected parts, if for some reason the tone arm is held during the change cycle. It is designed to operate from a supply of 110-volts, 60 cycles AC. The last record will be repeated until the changer is turned off.
Manufactured by: Oak Manufacturing Co.
oak_6666_changer The Oak Model 6666 is a two-post changer designed to play up to twelve 10-inch or ten 12-inch records, not intermixed. The last record will be repeated until the changer is turned off.. Manual operation is provided for playing off.-size or home recordings. CHANGER USED IN POSTWAR PRODUCTION BY
· Air King Products Co., Inc. |
· Andrea Radio Corporation.
· Crosley Corporation. 1329
· Eastern Amplifier Corp.
· Emerson Radio - Phono
· Majestic Radio - Tele. Corp
· Motor Parts Company
· Motor Parts Company
· Mark Simpson Mfg. Co.
· Sonora Radio - Tele. Corp.
· Stromberg-Carlson Co.
· Templetone Radio Mfg. Corp. · Trav-Ler Karenola Radio - TV Corp. | · Wells-Gardner
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