Raytheon Tube & Transistor Radio Models Sams Photofact Service Wiring Diagrams

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Mfr., Raytheon Mfg. Co.
  1. Raytheon Model T-100-1 T-100-2 T-100-3 T-100-4 T-100-5 Chassis 4RT1 Sams Photofact Set 331 Folder 11    # 4
  2. Raytheon Model T-150-1 T-150-2 T-150-3 T-150-4 T-150-5 Chassis 6RT1 Sams Photofact Set 335 Folder 13    # 4
  3. Raytheon Model 8TP-1 8TP-2 8TP-3 8TP-4 8TP1 8TP2 8TP3 8TP4 8RT1 Sams Photofact Set 292 Folder 9    # 5
  4. Raytheon Model CR-41 CR-41A CR-42 CR-42A CR-43 CR-43A Chassis 4D16-A Sams Photofact Set 212 Folder 5 # 4
  5. Raytheon Model RP-51 RP-51A Chassis 4P12 4P12A Sams Photofact Set 218 Folder 9    # 4
  6. Raytheon Model T2500 Chassis 7RT4 Sams Photofact Set 329 Folder 11    # 4
  7. Raytheon Model 5R-10B 5R-11W 5R-12R Chassis 5D166 Sams Photofact Set 303 Folder 11    # 4
  8. Raytheon Model FR81A FR-82A Chassis 9AF25A Sams Photofact Set 232 Folder 6    # 8