RCA Victor Models Sams Photofact Schematic Service Wiring Diagrams
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rca-8x541_8x542_8x547Sams Photofact 59-16 RCA Model 8X541 8X542 8X547 AM Table Radio Schematic # 4
rca-54b5_ch_rc1047Sams Photofact 17-25 RCA Model 54B5 Ch. RC1047 AM Portable Radio Schematic # 4
8bx5_rca_rc-1059RCA Model 8BX5 Ch. RC-1059 RC-1059A AM Portable Radio Receiver # 4
8bx6_rca_rc-1040cSams Photofact 44-18 RCA Model 8BX6 Ch. RC-1040C RC1040C AM Portable Radio Schematic # 5
9x641_9x642_rca_rc-1080_rc-1080aSams Photofact 87-9 RCA Model 9X641 Ch. RC-1080 RC1080 Model 9X642 Ch. RC-1080A RC1080A # 4
89-12_rcaSams Photofact 89-12 RCA Model MI-12287 MI-12288 MI-12295 MI-12299 MI12287 MI12288 MI12295 MI12299 AMP # 4
Digital Only
a106_9w106_rc-622_rca_photofactSams Photofact 97-12 RCA Model A106 AW106 Ch. RC-622 RC622 AM FM Radio Phono Combination # 8
a55_rca_radio_photofactSams Photofact 109-10 RCA Victor Model A55 Ch. RC-1087 RC1087 AM Radio Phono Combination # 4
a108_rca_radio_photofactSams Photofact 141-10 RCA Victor Model A108 Ch. RC1096 AM Radio Phono Combination # 8 Digital Only
1x591_1x592_rc1079k_l_rca_radio_photofactSams Photofact 159-12 RCA Model 1X591 1X592 Ch. RC1079K RC1079L AM Table Radio Schematic # 4
px600_rca_radio_photofactSams Photofact 168-12 RCA Model PX600 Ch. RC-1110 RC1110 AM Portable Radio Schematic # 4
rca_model_1x51_1x52_1x53_1x54_1x55_1x56_1x57_ch._rc1104_rc1104aSams Photofact 172-8 RCA Model 1X51 1X52 1X53 1X54 1X55 1X56 1X57 Ch. RC1104 RC1104A RC1104B # 4
rca_victor_model_45-ey-4_ch._rs140_45ey4Sams Photofact 173-11 RCA Victor Model 45-EY-4 Ch. RS140 45EY4 Portable Phono Schematic # 4
photofact_182-8_rca_victor_model_2us7_ch._rc-1017a_rc1017a_am_radioSams Photofact 182-8 RCA Victor Model 2US7 Ch. RC-1017A RC1017A AM Radio Phono Portable # 4
39-17_rca_model_8x53_ch._rc-1064Sams Photofact 39-17 RCA Model 8X53 Ch. RC-1064 RC1064 AM Table Radio Schematic # 4
01-32_rca_victor_model_58av_58v_ch._rc-604_rc604_am_short_wave_radioSams Photofact 01-32 RCA Victor Model 58AV 58V Ch. RC-604 RC604 AM Short Wave Radio # 8 Digital Only
02-16_rca_model_55au-55u_ch._rc1017_am_short_wave_portable_radio_phono_combinationSams Photofact 02-16 RCA Model 55AU-55U Ch. RC1017 AM Short Wave Portable Radio Phono Combination # 4 Digital Only
40-15_rca_victor_model_710v2_ch._rc-613aSams Photofact 40-15 RCA Victor Model 710V2 Ch. RC-613A AM FM Radio Phono Combination # 8
73-10_rca_model_9w101_9w103_9w105_ch._rc-618b_rc-618cSams Photofact 73-10 RCA Model 9W101 9W103 9W105 Ch. RC-618B RC-618C RC618B RC618C AM FM Radio Phono # 8
22-24_rca_victor_model_711v2_ch._rk-117_rs-123Sams Photofact 22-24 RCA Victor Model 711V2 Ch. RK-117 RS-123 RK117 RS123 AM FM Short Wave Radio Phono # 10
17-26_rca_model_66e_ch._rs-126Sams Photofact 17-26 RCA Model 66E Ch. RS-126 RS126 Phono Schematic # 4
226-6_rca_model_3-rf-91_3rf91_ch._rc1129_am_fm_table_radioSams Photofact 226-6 RCA Model 3-RF-91 3RF91 Ch. RC1129 AM FM Table Radio # 8
61-17_rca_model_rv151_ch._rk-121c_rs-123d_rk121c_rs123d_am_fm_short_waveSams Photofact 61-17 RCA Model RV151 Ch. RK-121C RS-123D RK121C RS123D AM FM Short Wave Phono # 12
156-10_rca_model_1r81_ch._rc-1102_rc1102_am_fm_table_radio_schematicSams Photofact 156-10 RCA Model 1R81 Ch. RC-1102 RC1102 AM FM Table Radio Schematic # 8
65-10_rca_victor_model_8x681_8x682_ch._rc-1061Sams Photofact 65-10 RCA Victor Model 8X681 8X682 Ch. RC-1061 RC1061 AM Short Wave Table Radio # 4
52-17_rca_model_8x521_8x522_ch._rc-1066_rc-1066aSams Photofact 52-17 RCA Model 8X521 8X522 Ch. RC-1066 RC-1066A RC1066 RC1066A AM Table Radio # 4
07-23_rca_victor_model_66x1_66x2_66x3_66x4_66x9Sams Photofact 07-23 RCA Victor Model 66X1 66X2 66X3 66X4 66X9 AM Short Wave Table Radio # 4
14-24_rca_model_66bx_ch._1040_rc-1040a_rc1040aSams Photofact 14-24 RCA Model 66BX Ch. 1040 RC-1040A RC1040A AM Portable Radio Schematic # 4
27-20_rca_66x11_66x12_66x13_66x14_66x15_ch._rc-1046a_rc-1046_rc-1046bSams Photofact 27-20 RCA 66X11 66X12 66X13 66X14 66X15 Ch. RC-1046A RC-1046 RC-1046B RC1046A RC1046 RC1046B # 4
33-21_rca_victor_model_75x11_75x12_ch._rc-1050Sams Photofact 33-21 RCA Victor Model 75X11 75X12 Ch. RC-1050 RC1050 AM Table Radio Schematic # 4
38-18_rca_victor_model_77v1_ch._rc-615Sams Photofact 38-18 RCA Victor Model 77V1 Ch. RC-615 RC615 AM Broadcast Console Radio Phono # 8
06-25_rca_victor_model_59av1_59v1_ch._rc-605Sams Photofact 06-25 RCA Victor Model 59AV1 59V1 Ch. RC-605 RC605 AM Short Wave Radio Phono # 8
14-23_rca_victor_model_65u_65auSams Photofact 14-23 RCA Victor Model 65U 65AU AM Radio Phono Portable Schematic # 4
23-16_rca_victor_model_65br9_ch._rc-1048Sams Photofact 23-16 RCA Victor Model 65BR9 Ch. RC-1048 RC1048 AM Portable Radio # 4
195-10_rca_2-c-511_2-c-512_2-c-513_2-c-514_2c511_2c512_2c513_2c514_rc1118a_rc1118b_rc1118cSams Photofact 195-10 RCA 2-C-511 2-C-512 2-C-513 2-C-514 2C511 2C512 2C513 2C514 RC1118A RC1118B RC1118C # 4
199-9_rca_victor_model_2-x-261_2x261_ch._rc-1085b_rc1085bSams Photofact 199-9 RCA Victor Model 2-X-261 2X261 Ch. RC-1085B RC1085B AM Short Wave Table Radio # 4
181-10_rca_model_2b400_2b401_2b402_2b403_2b404_2b405_ch._rc-1114_rc1114Sams Photofact 181-10 RCA Model 2B400 2B401 2B402 2B403 2B404 2B405 Ch. RC-1114 RC1114 AM Portable Radio # 4