Riverside Models FJB-6618A, FJB-16520A to 527A, 16574A/80A/83A/85A

fjb-6618a_61_6618a_riverside_1961_rambler_sams_photofact_service TRADE NAME Riverside Model FJB-66IBA (61-66IBA) For 1961 Rambler Americans
SUPPLIER Montgomery Ward & Co., 619 Chicago Ave. .Chicago 7. Illinois
TYPE SET Battery Operated 4-Tube -2-Translstor Custom BuIlt AM AutomobIle Receiver
POWER SUPPLY 12 Volt Storage Battery
RATING 1.75 Amp. @ 12.6 Volts DC
Sams Photofact Set 617-16
6 Pages
copyright 10 Transistor AM-FM Automobile Radio 12 Volt DC
FJB-16520A For 1963 Chrysler
FJB-16521A For 1963 Chevrolet
FJB-16522A For 1963 Dodge
FJB-16523A For 1963 Ford
FJB-16524A For 1963 Mercury
FJB-16525A For 1963 Oldsmobile
FJB-16526A For 1963 Plymouth
FJB-16527A For 1963 Pontlac  11 Pages
copyright Riverside Automobile Radio Models
FJB-16574A For 1963 Buick
FJB-16560A For 1963 F-85
FJB-16583A For 1963 Tempest
FJB-16585A For 1963 Chevrolet
Montgomery Ward & Company
5 Transistor AM Radio Std. AM Broadcast
12 Volt DC .8 Amp. @12.6 VDC
5 Pages
copyright Riverside Models
FJB-16576A, FJB-16586A For 1963 Corvairs
Montgomery Ward & Company
5 Transistor AM Std. Broadcast Radio
12 Volt Storage Battery
525MA @ 12.6VDC
5 Pages
copyright Riverside Model FJB-16589A
Montgomery Ward & Company
6 Transistor Auto-Portable AM Radio
9 or 12 Volt DC .27 Amp. @ 12.6VDC (or)
23MA @ 9VDC
5 Pages
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