Wireway Model WP Tape Recorder Sams Photofact Set 76 Folder 19

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Mfr., Wire Recording Corp. of America
wireway model wp sams photofact set 76 folder 19 Wireway Model WP Wire Recorder Record Player
The Wireway Model WP is a combination record player and magnetic recorder-reproducer. The dual purpose take-up drum serves as a turntable for standard 78 RPM discs up to 12" in diameter. The recording mechanism will accommodate standard wire spools, which may contain up to a full hour of recording time. Wire speed is two feet per second past the record-reproduce head, except in Rewind, when the direct-driven rewind motor takes up the wire at about eight times the forward speed. A broadcast oscillator is incorporated in the circuit to allow broadcasting of microphone, phonograph records, or wire to any radio up to 150 feet. Provision is made for easy connection to the voice coil of any radio or P .A. system for direct recording. The Wireway is designed to operate on 105 to 120 volts, 60-cycle, AC only. Any other source of electrical power will damage the set. Special Wireways are available for 110-volt, 50-cycle, and 220- volt, 50-cycle.
Schematic Sams Photofact Set 76 Folder 19
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