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Wumo Dekamix Sams Photofact Record Changer Service

wumo model dekamix sams photofact set 429 folder 17 Wumo Dekamix record changers play a stack of records in automatic sequence and shut off after the last record. The Wumo Dekamix plays in four speeds: 16 2/3, 33 1/3, 45, or 78 rpm. Up to 10 records may be played, and 10" and 12" records may be intermixed. However, 7" records must be placed on top. Records are separated by the movement of a finger in the center spindle, which directly separates records having a 1/4" centerhole. Connect this changer to an outlet supply 117 volts, 60 cycles AC only, unless otherwise specified. Manufactured by: Dekomix West Germany Supplied by: Electronic Division Ercona Corporation 16 West46th Street New York 36, N.Y. Wumo Changer Model Dekamix
Sams Photofact Set 429 Folder 17
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